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JIC LLC provides professional quality installation and  maintenance on a variety of control systems and equipment. Either trouble shooting, repair work, or  new construction, you can expect a high level of expertise and professionalism from our service team.




With more than twenty years of experience, here at JIC LLC we can assure you we will provide the right candidate for your projects. We set ourselves apart from other companies, because we understand your project needs. We work with the industry you are in. We can come to any meeting and follow your instructions, drawings and even build panels for you at our shop as needed. 



Every employee we provide for you will be previously interviewed. He/She will be briefed regarding the job requirements and qualifications. Part of our dedication to our clients is to persevere to either find the right candidate or to find the right method to complete a process or build an electrical panel for you. Our dedication leads us to provide great service to our customers.




Every one at JIC LLC is treated with professionalism and respect. All of our asset are always treated with respect and honesty. With the same professionalism we treat our customers as we are committed to great service and great service is a commitment to quality. 

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